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Hayabusa Sport Glove - Black/Grey

Triple-Layered Padding Protects Your Hands

The ultra-lightweight Hayabusa® Sport 12oz. Training Gloves are equipped with triple-layered foam padding for optimal shock absorbency and energy dispersion, ensuring that your hands are always protected.

Fully-Adjustable Elastic Strap for Secure Fit Every Time

The fully-adjustable, hook & loop elastic strap system found on Hayabusa Sport 12oz. Training Gloves provide secure wrist support to prevent against common striking injuries. Plus, they’re extremely easy to put on and take off.

Ultra-Soft, Breathable Inner-Lining Keeps Athlete Cool & Dry

Hayabusa Sport 12oz. Training Gloves are ventilated and are developed with an ultra-soft, breathable inner-lining to keep you cool, dry and comfortable at all times.

Designed to improve striking strength, speed and stamina.
Triple-layered padding protects you and your partner.
Adjustable wrist wrap strap with elastic for added support, comfort and customizable fit.
Ultra-soft, breathable inner lining keeps gloves dry and smelling fresh.
Durable 100% engineered leather.
Ideal for kickboxing, pad training & bag work



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